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Matthew News:
Hurricane Matthew Assistance
How You Can Help

Hurricane Matthew has slammed into the southern portion of Haiti. One of the ministries we serve is right in that path, in the city of Jacmèl. We want to help the people of that community that the church serves. Although you can't go and help with the clean-up, your financial help will go a long way.

Take a look at a few pictures of a trip that our Executive Director took to Les Anglais, Haiti where he partnered with a couple of other organizations to distribute filters.

Every little bit counts. Stay connected as we post pictures and updates of how your gifts will make a difference. For information on how your gift can be made please visit our Partner in Giving page.

Visit our Hurricane Disaster Plan link below and information to the right.


Video of Les Cayes

10-05-2016 Reuter's

Designated Projects
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Sister Church Program
Pastor LeGrand - La Gonave 10-4-2016 9 P.M. - Unknown Artist
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Listen to Pastor LeGrand on the island of La Gonave describe Hurricane Matthew 

Pastor LeGrand -La Gonave Assessment 10-5-2016 -
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NPR video explains Haiti's water 2012

CBS Interview 11-13-2016
With NHC Exec. Director, Darryl Brown

New Hope Coalition co-ordinates Water Filter Project in Haiti 

Lab Testing Results of Sawyer PointOne water filter

Sawyer Filter Installation and Maintenance Video

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