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Fouye Bib Leadership School

Biblical Studies & Ministry

Strategic Focus

Jesus set the standard. He outlined the steps that his obedient followers were to take once he left them. Although it seems that those directives were specific, history has proven otherwise. Leaders in the Church world-wide have not always agreed with how to carry them out. Some have argued them into oblivion. While acca-demics have questioned their relavance. What we need today are leaders who are willing to ask the difficult questions... the ones never asked! 

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Our 5th annual seminar was well received by all attendees. We had representatives from three different counties, Haiti and Live Face Book attendees.

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The Protestant Church in America and Haiti
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This accredited two year course program is designed to provide the student with a firm foundation for ministry. It systematically covers the basics of theology, practical theology (how a church functions) and real ministry concepts. Broken up into 4 week segments for each course, the classes are taught in off hours...

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