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Seminary Scholarships

We honored to be a partner with S.T.E.P. which is one of the premier seminaries in the Caribbean. This school has been training national leaders and pastors for many decades. New Hope Coalition recognizes that partnerships help create synergies that will otherwise never materialize.

Under the leadership of our gifted and self-sacrificing Haiti Director, Rev. Berthony Elucien, students from S.T.E.P. are given practical ministry experience. The preaching points and other ministries that we have connected with are the recipients of the energy and efforts of these young pastors-in-the-making.

As part of these students' seminary requirements, they must have completed a supervised ministry practicum. The seminary recognizes the partnerships and caliber of ministry that New Hope Coalition is doing in Haiti and has permitted Rev. Elucien to lead student ministry teams. On a regular bais they travel to the coastal island of La Gonave. They lead a kids' club, lead in church worship, preach, participate in leadership training and have their eyes opened to the realities of church ministry.

  • Demonstrates Leadership Characteristics

  • Exhibits a servant-like mindset

  • Recognized by peers as posessing a heart for God

  • Willing to endure travel/ministry hardships

  • Has a vision for the world

  • Recognizes that ministry includes meeting practical needs

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