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Carrefour Feuille


This partner organization in Haiti serves an important role in the suburb of Port-au-Prince called Carrefour Feuille. Ironically the name of this suburb means "leafy crossroad", as it is in the center of an urban jungle.

The Grand-Pierre brothers know the importance of education. So this neighborhood school was started with only a prayer and a vision. Now, over 230 students attend this K-12 school. 

Roberto Grand-Pierre is also a student at STEP Seminary, a premiere school in the Caribbean. He serves as pastor of a vibrant church that transforms these facilities every Sunday. Although he is extreemely busy, he interns with New Hope Coalition's ministry team to LaGonave the last Sunday of each month. Pray for this important ministy. Consider a student sponsorship.

Roberto Grand-Pierre and Evens Grand-Pierre
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