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Rev. Robert Wagler

Member at Large


"God brought me to Haiti as a missionary when Haiti was under the leadership of President Paul Magloire in the early 1950's. I was priveledged to see the Lord work in some miraculous ways througout the southern region of Haiti where our mission had it's work. Churches were started, Radio Lumiere was born into existence and many lives changed and brought into the Light of God's Word. Our entire family was moulded by the culture and heartbeat of this beautiful country. Over the years, the Lord gave me tasks that I could never have imagined on my own. He took me to the Bahamas and France to work with Haitian imigrants. What I have learned is that God want us to remain faithful, available and willing to serve Him. Every day I awake amazed that He still has me on this earth. So, I serve Him as I can, where I can and when I can."

Bradenton, FL

Retired Missionary to Haiti

World Team

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