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La Gonave Church, Haiti

La Gonave

Church Projects:

Guest House

The church needs a place to host teams that come to serve the church. "Missionary" teams come from various parts around Haiti and we hope to have teams from the United States come. Although the church is struggling finanancially, they see this is important for their survival and they have sacrificed much to begin the project. See the results so far...

Do you want to be a part of making this become a reality?

September 2015

May 2016

La Gonave guest facilities under construction

August 2016

More work was done with the sacrifice of the local congregation.

Benefits of this building.

  • Classrooms for primary School

  • Classrooms for Sunday School

  • Facility for ministry teams

  • Facility for visiting pastors

Primary School

Soon after the church was started back in 1969, the founding pastor of this remote church knew that a school was critical for this community. For many decades the school was the central organization of the area. When the children were educated in this church school the parents were naturally interested in what their kids were learning. The education these childred obtained provided hope and help to hundreds over the years.


All this was done by the sacrifice and vision of this small church's leaders. No outside organization financially subsidized or provided the resources. 

Today, this school is in desperate need of the resources to pay the nine teachers' salaries, provide adequate facilities for the students to have a safe learning environment, and once again to be a center of hope for the local community.

Critical School Needs:

  • Teacher Sponsorships $50/mo

  • $5,000 one time Facility Rebuild

  • 25 student benches - $50 each

  • 50 Student Scholarships - $25/mo 

Contact us today to discuss corporate or individual sponsorship possibilities.

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